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The SwarmCast is a podcast about gaming, geek culture, and more. Hosted by Jon Maness and Toast.

SwarmCast Game Reviews

January 9, 2019

Games reviewed on the show. Most can be found in the SCARAB Board Game Library.


Game Company
12 Days Calliope Games
Alchemy 101  
Arcadia Quest Cool Mini or Not
Attila Blue Orange Games
Bears! Fireside Games
Blood of an Englishman Renegade Game Studio
Blurble North Star Games
Boss Monster & Tools of Hero Kind Brotherwise Games
Captain Carcass: Dead Man's Draw Mayday Games
Celestial Rainbows Griggling Games
Chickyboom! Blue Orange Games
Chopstick Dexterity Mega Challenge 3000 Mayday Games
Chrononauts Looney Labs
Danger! Danger! Dinosaurs Playco Games
Dead Last Smirk & Dagger Games
Dead Man’s Draw Mayday Games
DOCE Smart Iguana Games
Dominion Rio Grande Games
Double Feature Renegade Game Studio
Dread Curse Smirk & Dagger Games
Dungeon Roll Tasty Minstrel Games
Dungeon Roll/Heroes of Winter Expansion Tasty Minstrel Games
Eldritch Horror Fantasy Flight
Epic Card Game White Wizard Games
Evolution: Climate North Star Games
Fasttrack Blue Orange Games
For Crown and Kingdom Rio Grande Games
Garbage Day - Silver Limited Edition Mayday Games
Ghost Chase in Canterville Castle Rio Grande Games
Gigamon Blue Orange Games
Gravity Warfare Smart Iguana Games
H.I.D.E. Mayday Games
H.P. Lovecrafts Kingsport Festival Passport Games Studios
Happy Salmon North Star Games
Here Kitty Kitty Fireside Games
I Drank What? Empire Games
Isle of Monsters Mayday Games
Just Desserts Looney Labs
King of New York Iello
Kitsune of Foxes & Fools Diamond Dust Dreams
Kitty Paw Renegade Game Studio
Legacy: Gears of Time & Forbidden Machines Floodgate Games
Lord of the Fries Deluxe Cheap Ass Games
Mow Money Mayday Games
Munchkin Panic Fireside Games
Nada Blue Orange Games
Nevermore Smirk & Dagger Games
Noir of Indines Level 99 Games
Nut So Fast! Smirk & Dagger Games
Order of the Gilded Compass, The Grey Fox Games
Pairs Cheap Ass Games
Paramedics: Clear! Smirk & Dagger Games
Pass The Pigs Winning Moves Games
Pink Hijinks Looney Labs
Pirates of the Gold coast MYNDzei Games
Pretending to Grown Up Golden Bell Studios
Ravens of Thri Sahashri, The Osprey Publishing
Red Dragon Inn Slugfest Games
Red Dragon Inn: Villains Slugfest Games
Refuge, The: A Race for Survival B&B Games Studio
Rhino Hero HABA USA
Roll for It! Deluxe Calliope Games
Roll for It! Deluxe @ SCARAB Calliope Games
Run for Your Life Candyman Smirk & Dagger Games
Santa's Bag Griggling Games
Santa's Bag @ SCARAB Griggling Games
Schrodinger's Cats 9th Level Games
Sheriff of Nottingham Arcane Wonders
Spellslingers Vindicated Entertaiment
Square Shooters Heartland Games
Steal The Show Hungry for More Games
Stellar Leap Weird Giraffe Games
Stop Thief! Restoration Games
Stroop Grand Gamers Guild
Sushi Go! Gamewright
Swinging Jivecat Voodoo Lounge Daily Magic Games
The Captain is Dead AEG
Thieves Calliope Games
Three Cheers for Master Atlas Games
Total Rickall Cyptozoic Entertainment
Unreal Estate Grand Gamers Guild
Village Crone, The Fireside Games
Visitor in Blackwood Grove Resonym
Voodoo Mayday Games
World of Smog, The: On Her Majesty’s Service Cool Mini or Not
Zombicide: Black Plague Cool Mini or Not