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The SwarmCast is a podcast about gaming, geek culture, and more. Hosted by Jon Maness and Toast.

September 18, 2014

Season 2, Episode 5: GenCon Crash Report

GenCon is the best four days in gaming, and the SCARAB Swarm was there!  What better way to celebrate that than with an extra-sized episode!

Sit back, and listen as Jon, Ruby, Matt, Calvin, Clay, Mary, and the infamous Del talk about their time in the trenches of the Pathfinder Society Room and dealers hall.  There are also some helpful advice to folks going to GenCon.  In the game review section, Jon recruits Ruby, Matt, and Doug to help him play and review three of the games SCARAB added to their game library from GenCon:  Pirates of the Gold Coast, Legacy: Gears of Time, and Bears!
Intro [00:00:00]
GenCon Crash Report [00:01:10]
Game Reviews [01:43:51]
Outro [01:52:53]
Intro song is a chip-less version of cRaZie$ by I Fight Dragons.
Crash Report music is by Midnight Syndicate.
Closing song is The Giving Tree by MC Lars (based on the book by the same name by Shel Silverstein).
September 1, 2014

Kick In The Quick - Episode 1


Intro [00:00:00]

Iron Kingdoms [00:01:00]
Dragon Age [00:16:25]
Eclipse Phase [00:45:27]
Outro [01:23:13]