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The SwarmCast is a podcast about gaming, geek culture, and more. Hosted by Jon Maness and Toast.

June 19, 2019

At “The O” 2019

Episode 87: At the O 2019


The SwarmCast was at Origins 2019, and we recorded with some pretty cool folks!


Curt Covert with Smirk & Dagger / Smirk & Laughter Games (https://www.smirkanddagger.com/)

Bruce Vouge with North Star Games (https://www.northstargames.com/)

Chris and Heather O'Neill with 9th Level Games (https://www.9thlevel.com/)

Zeke Coughlin with Reliquary Games Studio (http://reliquarygamestudios.com/)

Alan Gerding with Tuesday Knight Games (http://www.tuesdayknightgames.com/)

Mark MacKinnon with Dyskami Publishing Company (http://www.dyskami.ca/)

June 11, 2019

The Blooming Onion of Podcasts

Episode 86: The Blooming Onion of Podcasts

This episode starts with a bang as something goes wrong at Gravy Jones' Locker, and Clem Fixit (a handyperson) is called in to... fix it...  Plus, the return of a secret villain! What is up their evil sleeves, and with Toast and the Jon-bots be able to stop it? Or, do they even care?

Also, we review a quick start for Wyrd Games Through the Breach, then talk with Rone (R-o-n-e) and Lou (L-o-u) with Iron GM Games (that's right) about their new Kickstarter: Grimmerspace!

All this, plus board game reviews and SCARAB 2020 news.

On this Episode:

Quick Draw : Through the Breach
Grimmerspace with Iron GM Games
Board Game Reviews - 10-Minute Heist - Cthulhu Tales - Dixit - Yikers
Ending song - Stars by Steam Powered Giraffe

Blooming Links

Grimmerspace KS: http://kck.st/2VGR0AJ

Iron GM Games: https://www.irongmgames.com/