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The SwarmCast is a podcast about gaming, geek culture, and more. Hosted by Jon Maness and Toast.

January 31, 2020


Episode 95: SCARAB 2020
Recordings from SCARAB 2020! We start with reviews of Gorinto and Robo Junkyard coming to Kickstarter soon, then talk with folks at SCARAB Con 2020! Finally, we cover the 2020 RPG Pharaoh's Challenge!
(00:00) Intro
(02:26) Board Game Reviews
(02:46) Gorinto
(22:26) Robo Junk Yard
(36:50) Valley of the Vikings
(43:38) Trial by Trolley
(50:00) SCARAB 2020 
(52:23) Twice Alive Games feat Aaron Stimpson
(01:09:34) Ankur with Christopher Miller
(01:29:55) The RPG Pharaoh's Challenge [SCARAB Edition] 
(01:54:50) Exit
January 11, 2020

2020 Vision

Episode 94: 2020 Vision
Welcome to 2020, listeners!  We start off the new year talking with Playco Games about their games (Epic Monster Tea Party, Danger Danger Dinosaur, and Civicus).  Next, with SCARAB just around the corner, we talk about SCARAB 2020, and the possible future with Brian and Amy Gambrell.  And, we close things out with board game reviews!
(00:00) Intro 
(02:01) Designers Dungeon with Playco Games 
(26:40) SCARAB 2020 with Brian and Amy 
(57:30) SCARAB 2021 with Brian and Amy 
(01:24:25) Board Game Reviews 
-Bon Bons 
-End of the Trail 
-Epic Monster Team Party 
-Most Wanted 
-Someone Has Died 
(01:34:06) Exit 
(01:35:00) Ending Song - A New Brain by I Fight Dragons. 
Check out their new album, Cannon Eyes at ifightdragons.com
PlayCo Games at (playcogames.com)
Tabletop.Events (tabletop.events)