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The SwarmCast is a podcast about gaming, geek culture, and more. Hosted by Jon Maness and Toast.

Tell Us About Your Game

November 16, 2017

If you are attending SCARAB Gaming Convention this January, you can win games by playing games!

SCARAB’s Play-to-Win system is not just for Board Games, though, it’s also for RPGs.

When you play one of the designated games (hint: usually a sponsor of the Con or somebody you heard on the podcast), you get a ticket for a game prize drawing!  More information on how that works at the Con.

Want to get more tickets, and have more chances to win?  Stop by the SwarmCast area (we won’t be hard to miss), and give us a review of the game you just played.  You’ll get an additional ticket, and we may even use some of your review on the show.

Pathfinder Society and Starfinder Society may also record for a ticket worth a free draw for boons and prizes.
Keep it short and sweet: no need to give us a blow-by-blow recount of your entire game.  We generally format our reviews by highlighting something Good, Bad, and Other.  Here’s the questions you should keep in mind:
Board Game Reviews
  • Your Name
  • The Game Name
  • Something Good – What was good about the game? Was it fun? Did it have any good rules or twists?
  • Something Bad – Where did the game perhaps fall a little flat? Was it difficult to learn? Were the components difficult to use?  Did it burst into flames when you opened the box?
  • Something “Other” – Was there anything unusual about the game? Did it use unusual components or have some interesting art?  Was it made of food?

RPG Reviews

  • Your Name
  • The Game System – Perhaps the name of the adventure you played.
  • Something Good – Was there something neat about the rules? Did the GM do anything great?
  • Something Bad – Was the system confusing? Was it hard to get into the game?
  • Something “Other” – Did the GM present the game in an unusual way? Did it play out in a way you weren’t expecting?

Pathfinder Society / Starfinder Society

  • Your Name
  • The Scenario You Played
  • What Character Did You Play?
  • Something Good – Was it a good scenario? Did the party work exceptionally well together?
  • Something Bad – Did you experience a “TPK”?  Was there a confusing part of the scenario?
  • Something “Other” – Was there something unusual or unexpected about this scenario?