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The SwarmCast is a podcast about gaming, geek culture, and more. Hosted by Jon Maness and Toast.

Farm to Table Entertainment

May 21, 2019

Episode 85: Farm to Table Entertainment

Join us as folks tell us what games they've played at SCARAB 2019 plus an interview with Carla from Weird Giraffe Games. Check out their Kickstarter for Big Easy Busking at http://kck.st/2Q6wuZg

On this Episode:

Weird Giraffe Games

Board Game Reviews
Get Off My Land
Northern Pacific
Blood of an Englishman

The 2019 SM(a)SH Winner!
Wicked Pacts
Start Wars: Force and Destiny
Pathfinder: Iron Gods
Pathfinder Kids
My Little Pony Friendship is Magic RPG
SCARAB 2020 Announcement


Ending song on this episode is One-Way Ticket by Steam Powered Giraffe