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The SwarmCast is a podcast about gaming, geek culture, and more. Hosted by Jon Maness and Toast.


October 27, 2020

Welcome back to the Swarmcast PodCast True Crime Podcast.  This episode, we'll be talking about the notorious Trick-or-Treat Killer!  Also, the scariest thing ever: trying to figure out which of these time stamps is accurate! [grumble, grumble]


Intro (00:00)

Era Forbidden (03:26) or (03:04)

More True Crime (Feat. Donald Dennis) (33:09) or (32:39)

Reviews from SCARAB (38:00) or (37:38)

  • Fury of Dracula
  • Cthulhu Dice
  • Zombicide: Black Plague
  • Fiasco
  • Savage Worlds: Monster Hunters Club

Back to the Show / End (41:30) or (41:04)


Links of Vengeance

Era: Forbidden Kickstarter [ http://kck.st/3jyANKK ]

Era D10 Discord Chanel [https://discord.gg/6C4H9Cv]

SoV Facebook Group [https://www.facebook.com/groups/erad10games/]